Hello Again, It’s Me.

And I’m back…

Wow, did I take a blog writing sabbatical. Sheesh! Thank you for putting up with my vanishing act, which I’d like to blame me being technologically challenged, but may have more to do with my Doug-syndrome.

You know what I’m talking about. Doug, from Up!, the hilarious dog who gets distracted by every squirrel in the forest. Yep, that’s me-distracted by life. Next thing you know, one day has turned into a week, then a month, and now we are looking down the barrel of autumn and the holiday season, and I’m wondering when that happened.

Not to mention, a whole-lot-of-life has gone on this year (thank you, 2020), and I think we’ve all felt it. With school starting back up and the world still not feeling like it’s self, I’m embarking on a crazy adventure: homeschooling. And with that, I’m going to keep including recommendations for novels I’ve read and enjoyed personally, along with those that we’ve read as a family.

More on that soon! For now, let’s start with some romantic comedy.

My Recent Recommendation:

A Man Worth Shaving For, by Michelle Pennington. Wow. Yep, I wasn’t expecting to loose so much sleep because of a book that weekend. But I did, and it was worth it.


Our goodnight kiss should have been goodbye.
We meant it to be.

But Monday morning there was Logan Jennings, in my office, deciding the fate of the company I loveā€¦and my job.

I never should have said the things I said or let myself feel the things I felt because connections like this don’t just go away. Even when you desperately need them to.

In two weeks, he’ll be gone, and nothing will ever be the same.

My thoughts:

This book is all about the tension. Michelle Pennington throws her characters into a crazy situation, makes things more awkward for them, and then makes them figure their way out. The story was definitely rewarding though. I should note that, though this is a clean romance and doesn’t cross that line, I would definitely rate this pg 13. No way I’d let my daughter read it. Again, this isn’t because of the romance plot line, but the heroine does work for a lingerie company. So…yeah.

If you like this one, you should also read the sequel – yet another book that kept me up. And if I were completely honest, because why not?, I’d admit that I read both books on the same weekend.

I’ll be back next week to give you some more recommendations, this time for the family. Until then, have a wonderful night and read something that makes you fall in love!

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