Kismet: Tales from a Dating App


All of life’s problems can be solved with a good quote and a killer Pinterest Board. At least that’s how Anna Sappington lives her life. But when her friend ends up on the bad end of a terrible breakup, Anna’s Pinterest advice to go on four dates you normally wouldn’t pick back fires-Anna has to sign up for four blind dates as well. Anna believes in her heart that love can’t be forced by some stupid dating app, so why not?

Troy has been trying to get Anna’s attention for months now, but she just isn’t getting the clue. When Troy learns that Anna has joined Kismet, he does what any guy would do. Hack the system and make sure they are matched up.

HACKING FATE is part of the Kismet: Tales from a Dating App Anthology. All profit from the sale of this anthology benefit the American Night Writer’s Association Scholarship Program.

Kissing in the Rain FRONT COVER RGB

Kissing in the Rain – A Seasonal Romance Anthology

Her Sweet Pursuit

When two cooks share one kitchen, the flour will fly!

Owning a cupcake food truck was only the first step in Emmy’s goal to open a bakery. But when Blake, a sandwich shop owner with dark chocolate eyes and a smooth smile, steals the ideal storefront from under her, Emmy is forced to choose between holding on to her mother’s legacy or a new dream that could prove to be much sweeter.

HER SWEET PURSUIT will be available on March 12, 2019, as part of the Kissing in the Rain – A Seasonal Romance Anthology, Published by Literary Crush Publishing.


Sleigh Ride – A Seasonal Romance Anthology


After Kiersten’s boyfriend unceremoniously dumps her a few days before Christmas, she desperately asks Tyler, a handsome mechanic, to be her pretend boyfriend for the holiday.

Tyler has sworn off pretty faces–they only cause trouble. His resolve is melted by the pleading eyes of a strange girl.

As an awkward start turns into an adventure, both come to learn that the other may be exactly what they’ve been looking for.  If only it weren’t pretend.

FIXING CHRISTMAS will be available in October, 2018, as part of  the Sleigh Ride – A Seasonal Romance, Published by Literary Crush Publishing.